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  • Address: 050007, Almaty, Medeu region, md. Kok-Tobe, 150 Sagadat Nurmagambetov street
  • General information about the school (Grades 1-11): +7 (771) 747-17-71, +7 (727) 339-75-90
  • General information about the preschool: +7 (771) 747-16-61
  • School enrollment: +7 (771) 747-18-81
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Qazaqstan Speech and Debate Association
QSDA Winter and Spring Cup
Development of Debate Clubs
What is QSDA?
Qazaqstan Speech and Debate Association is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to develop debate and public speaking as an educational technology in private and public schools of Almaty. QSDA regularly organizes debate trainings for students, workshops for debate coaches, and international debate and public speaking tournaments.
QSDA Coaches
Artyom Dudnik
Assistant Debate Coach
Serikzhan Mussayev
Quarter-finalist of the international tournament at NSDA China
in the High School category.
QSDA Winter Cup 2021
Debate and public speaking tournament, which was attended by over 40 speakers from schools in Almaty. The tournament was held in the Public Forum, Lincoln-Douglas, Original Oratory formats.
QSDA Spring Cup 2021
The first in the history of Kazakhstan international debate tournament for students. More than 30 speakers from various schools in Almaty, Nur-Sultan, China took part in the tournament.
HTA Debate Club
Members of the HTA Debate Club actively participate in the international tournaments in Kazakhstan, China and the USA. Team HTA, consisting of Daria Bassot and Umai Tatisheva, became the first team in history to be invited to the largest debating tournament in the United States.
Dana Debate Club
In 2021, with the support of QSDA a debate club was established at Dana School. To date, the debate club has more than 20 students from various grades. Dana teams took part in such international tournaments as Galaxy Cup and QSDA Spring Cup.
Shoqan Debate Club
QSDA helps with the development of the Shoqan Debate Club and trains its coaches. At the moment, the club has more than 10 students who actively participate in the local and international tournaments.