Contact Information
  • Address: 050007, Almaty, Medeu region, md. Kok-Tobe, 150 Sagadat Nurmagambetov street
  • General information about the preschool: +7 (771) 747-16-61
  • General information about the school (Grades 1-11): +7 (771) 747-17-71, +7 (727) 339-75-90
  • School enrollment: +7 (771) 747-18-81
  • E-mail:
Admissions 2021-2022
Step-By-Step Admission Process
STEP 1: Requesting information about the school
Please fill out this form to receive more detailed information about HTA.

Please note that due to quarantine measures, the school does not conduct school tours and does not accept guests without a prior appointment. Here you'll be able to watch a video tour of the school.
STEP 2: Applying for an interview
To register for an interview, please apply through one of the following forms:
  • Preschool enrollment
  • Grades 1-11 enrollment
In the application, you must indicate your contact information and basic information about the student, to read the HTA Privacy Policy and to consent to the processing of personal data.
STEP 3: Interview confirmation and payment
After confirming the date and time, parents may pay the interview fee. The cost of an interview fee for a preschool is 20,000 tenge, for an elementary, middle and high school - 15,000 tenge. To learn more about payment methods please see this page.
STEP 4: Interview with the student and parents
HTA is an inclusive school. When interviewing prospective students, it is important for us to make sure that:
  • The child will be able to reach their full potential by studying at HTA;
  • The school has the necessary resources to support the student;
  • Both parents and the child share philosophy, mission, vision and values of the school.
Preschool Leikki
Primary and Secondary Schools
A preschool interview consists of two stages:
  1. Meeting with parents
  2. Orientation day for the child

Parents come with their child at the appointed time and after a short introduction leave the child in the classroom. Then they meet with the Head of Preschool. This meeting lasts about 30-40 minutes.

The orientation day for the child includes in-class activities, free play time and a meal. Typically, the orientation day is 3 hours long. The school psychologist may visit the class and observe the child as well. Parents pick up their child at the specified time, receive feedback from the teacher, and may ask Head of Preschool additional questions.

Enrollment decision-making process:

The final decision on enrollment is made during a meeting between the teacher, school psychologist and the Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs of Primary School after interviews with the child and parents.

Key conditions for enrollment:

  • The student demonstrates the ability to adapt to the new educational environment;
  • The school can support the child in his or her learning;
  • The school is suitable for the successful development of the student;
  • The family shares the values ​​and philosophy of HTA and supports its educational approach.
The 30-minute interview consists of two parts:

  • A meeting with the teachers of the school, the purpose of which is to get to know the child and determine how comfortable he or she is with learning in three languages and whether the student can thus benefit from studying at High Tech Academy.

  • A meeting with the school psychologist, the purpose of which is to find out about child's interests, hobbies and strengths, to see child's psychological portrait to determine appropriate grade and to make a forecast of his or her adaptation to school.

On the day of the interview, the student and his or her parents will be able to see the school and ask their questions during a school tour.
STEP 5: Communicating the School's Decision to Parents
The school will contact the parents and communicate its decision, and if necessary, the reasons for rejection.

If the school decides to accept the child, parents are sent the Educational Services Offer and additional documents:
  1. HTA Handbook
  2. Norms of interaction between school and parents
STEP 6: Parents receive an information package and accept or reject the offer
If parents agree to all of the terms and conditions outlined in the Educational Services Offer, the Norms of Interaction and the Handbook, both parents must sign the Offer within five business days and send it to the Administrative Assistant.
STEP 7: Parents sign the Agreement, make the payment and provide all the necessary documents
Within 3 working days after signing the Offer, parents must sign the Agreement with the School, pay in accordance with the Agreement and bring or send (by filling the form) the following documents to the school:

  1. Enrollment application (online form)
  2. Copy of a birth certificate
  3. Child's IIN number
  4. Copies of parents' identity cards
  5. Certificates from the parents' place of work (without showing salary)
  6. Photos 3x4 cm
  7. Student's personal file and reports from previous educational institutions and kindergartens
  8. Health passport
  9. Medical form No. 26
  10. Medical form No. 63

The Administrative Assistant collects all documents and enters them into the Register of Accepted Documents, which parents must sign to enroll the child.
STEP 8: Congratulations! Student is now successfully enrolled and registered in all school systems.