Contact Information
  • Address: 050007, Almaty, Medeu region, md. Kok-Tobe, 150 Sagadat Nurmagambetov street
  • General information about the school (Grades 1-11): +7 (771) 747-17-71, +7 (727) 339-75-90
  • General information about the preschool: +7 (771) 747-16-61
  • School enrollment: +7 (771) 747-18-81
  • E-mail:
Frequent Questions and Answers
Preschool Leikki
Primary and Secondary Schools
What is the enrollment process for Leikki preschool?
We invite the child for an interview and an orientation day, during which he or she studies with all the preschool children. Our teachers observe how the child interacts with the group and how comfortable he or she feels. The cost of the interview is 20,000 tenge. Being interviewed is not a guarantee of admission to HTA.
How old are the children in Leikki?
Preschool accepts children from the age of 5 or 6.
How long is the school year?
The duration of the academic year is about 10 months. The AY 2022-2023 will begin on September 1st. The last school day is June 16th.
How much does it cost to study at Leikki?
The tuition fee for one year is USD 9500.

The cost of the enrollment fee is 150,000 tenge. The enrollment fee is paid once at the time of enrollment.
What is the language of instruction?
There are three languages of instruction - Kazakh, Russian and English. The main language of instruction is English. Since education in preschool and primary school takes place in a play-based form, children have no difficulty in understanding the language.
How long is a school day?
The school day starts at 08:45 and ends at 16:00.
Is there an after-school program at Leikki?
Children can attend additional classes at Sports&Arts Budokan Almaty. The schedule and cost of available activities can be found on the Budokan Almaty website, as well as on the official Instagram page of the center.
What is the age of entry to school?
From the age of 7.
How many people are in one class?
Usually there are no more than 20 students per class.
Is it possible to come and see the school?
Unfortunately, High Tech Academy has had to suspend school tours and visits due to quarantine measures. You can watch a video tour of the school by following this link.
Does HTA have a specialized education?
No, there is no specialized education at HTA. Each student chooses his or her personal learning path.
Do I need to prepare for a school admission interview?
No. The interview takes place in the form of a conversation between a student, a school psychologist and a teacher. We get to know the child, try to learn more about his or her interests, aspirations and needs. We do not test the child's academic knowledge during interviews.
What is the language of instruction at school?
Primary school lessons (grades 1-5) are taught in English (except for Kazakh and Russian lessons) by expatriate teachers from such countries as France, Finland, UK, USA, etc.

Education in secondary school takes place in three languages - Kazakh, Russian and English.
What is the daily schedule like at school?
Classes for students in Grades 1-4 start at 09:00 and last until 14:10.

Classes for students in Grades 5-10 start at 09:15 and last until 16:10.
Does HTA have a school uniform?
No, HTA is a no-uniform school.
Does the school offer extracurricular activities?
Additional activities such as playing dombra, taekwondo, swimming are included in the primary school curriculum. Secondary school students attend clubs of interest.
Is there an after-school program at HTA?
Children can attend additional classes at Sports&Arts Budokan Almaty. The schedule and cost of available activities can be found on the Budokan Almaty website, as well as on their official Instagram page.