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  • General information about the preschool: +7 (771) 747-16-61
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Opportunities at HTA - The Right Fit
High Tech Academy is a trilingual innovative school, with elements of Finnish curriculum and the Project Based Learning (PBL) approach.

The school seeks teachers who are energetic and enthusiastic, and who want to learn and develop a new way of teaching. Our faculty members are constantly looking for new ways to inspire student curiosity while remaining dedicated to nurturing compassion and kindness in our students. You would need to be passionate about developing your own student centred teaching and learning, have a growth mindset, and be positive, resilient and flexible.

We desire culturally competent candidates who clearly appreciate a community of teachers and learners
from diverse backgrounds and perspectives and
are committed to equity and inclusion.
Vacancies for AY 2021-2022
Secondary School:
- English Language and Literature (ELL) Teacher
- Social Studies Teacher
- SEN Specialist

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