Board of Trustees
  • Yerkin Tatishev
    Founder of High Tech Academy /
    Chair of the Finance Committee
    In 2017, Yerkin founded High Tech Academy, the first innovative project based learning school in Kazakhstan, and where he is the member of the Board of Trustees for the Finance Committee. Since 2013, he has also been a member of the Board of Trustees of Almaty Management University.

    Yerkin launched Kusto Group in the 1990s with the aim of developing high growth potential in the world’s most dynamic economies and applying management insights, alongside the expertise of local staff, to build businesses that last.

    Under his leadership, Kusto has grown to become a multinational investment company with operations spanning three continents and industries ranging from construction and energy, to agriculture and real estate.
  • Doris Korda
    Chair of the Board of Trustees /
    Chair of the Education Committee
    Doris is the Chair of the Board of Trustees at High Tech Academy and she provides strategic vision and leadership for the education committee.

    Doris has founded and currently leads Korda Institute for Teaching in the USA, a non-profit organization whose singular mission is to transform the way teachers teach and learners learn. She has created a globally acclaimed entrepreneurship education program and was the co-originator of the Mastery Transcript Consortium, an initiative to change the high school transcript to reflect the unique skills, strengths and interests of learners.

    Doris has worked with hundreds of educators to change teaching and learning in urban and rural districts, career tech programs and all types of schools.
  • Tatiana Magambetova
    Co-Founder and Principal of High Tech Academy / Chair of the Foundational Values Committee
    Tatiana is the Co-Founder and Principal of High Tech Academy. As a member of the Board of Trustees her areas of responsibility are fundamental values and culture of the school.

    Tatiana provides vision and leadership for the High Tech Academy community which secures its success and improvement, ensuring high quality education for all students and improved standards of learning and achievement.

    Tatiana is an experienced business development professional. She has a history of working in the human resources industry, directing and coordinating the administrative functions of organizations. Tatiana is skilled in negotiation, sales management, customer service, and business development and strategy.
  • Murat Utemissov
    Chair of the Safeguarding and Premises Committee
    Murat is a member of the Board of Trustees where his areas of responsibility at High Tech Academy are development of the school’s premises and safeguarding.

    Murat is the Chief Executive of Kusto Home LLP. Under Murat's leadership, Kusto Home has successfully completed the construction of the new campus of High Tech Academy, Koktobe City Residential Complex in Almaty (1-2 stages), the luxury Residential Complex of Diamond Island in Ho Chi Minh city, and the Alpine Town Residential Complex in Kiev.

    He has a diversified managerial background. Murat led projects in the mining sector before joining Kusto to head up a series of large scale international real estate projects.
  • Orazkhan Karsybekov
    Chair of the Internal Audit Committee
    Orazkhan is a member of the Board of Trustees where his area of responsibility at High Tech Academy is quality assurance through internal audits.

    Orazkhan is Chairman of the KazPetrol Group (KPG), he has been able to draw on and leverage his successful experiences in the oil and gas sector in companies ranging from subsoil specialists to drilling and fuel suppliers. He has been the key strategic thinker behind KPG’s success, helping turn complex investment into a billion dollar oil and gas company.

    Orazhan has also held leadership positions in the construction sector including overseeing a number of prestigious real estate developments across Kazakhstan.
Leadership Team
Aliya Aknazarova
Co-Principal School Operations
Yuliya Avdeyenko
Academic Vice Principal
Nadezhda Kim
Dean of Students
Ainur Bazil
HR Director
Arai Orazkhanova
Preschool Leader
Syndar Yeldos
Preschool Teacher
Gulzhan Ibraimova
Preschool Teacher
Bota Sarmanbetova
Preschool Teacher
Narlen Nurbolat
Preschool Teacher
Aruzhan Oralbayeva
English Language Teacher
Natalya Bondaryuk
Primary School Teacher
Saiyora Mirzakhmedova
Primary School Teacher
Myra Fernandez
Preschool Teacher
Ilia Bezhetskii
Preschool Teacher
Gulbakharyam Mukhtarova
Preschool Teacher
Dinara Abilgaziyeva
Preschool Teacher
Primary School
Primary School Teachers
Gaukhar Beisekova
Assistant Academic Vice Principal Primary
Rosete Marissa
Primary School Teacher
Saltanat Tursynbayeva
Primary School Teacher
Marina Utegenova
Primary School Teacher
Louiliza Collera
Primary School Teacher
Leonard Lugue
Primary School Teacher
Dina Mukhamadiyeva
Rana Nassyrova
Angelica Montero
Primary School Teacher
Gulsarakhon Ushurova
Junior Primary School Teacher
Kamila Malikova
Junior Primary School Teacher
Yelena Varlakova
Junior Primary School Teacher
Kamar Tassan
Primary School Teacher
Arlene Basale
Primary school teacher
Claudine Domingo
Primary school teacher
Kamila Aldabayeva
Junior Primary School teacher
Aigerim Amirzhanova
Primary school teacher
Romabel Ilao
Primary school teacher
Smagul Symbat
Junior Primary School teacher
Saniya Issatayeva
Primary school teacher
Symbat Maratkyzy
Music teacher

Nigora Nurmatova

PE teacher
Primary School Language Department
Gulzhan Domayeva
Kazakh Teacher
Kanymzhan Durimbetova
Kazakh Teacher
Farkhad Seitakhmetov
Kazakh language teacher
Diana Kyzayeva
Russian language teache
Uliana Likhanova
Russian language teacher
Anna Selivanova
Russian language and Literature teacher
Well-Being Team
Margarita Khalina
Speech Therapist
Aizhan Kussainova
SEN teacher
Madina Ruziyeva
Zulfiya Kadraliyeva
SEN assistant
Ruzanna Kuttybay
Assistant Dean of Students Primary
Secondary School
Russian Language Department
Narzhan Sadyk
Language Learning Centre Lead
Gulmira Kapbassova
Russian and Literature Teacher

Shakhnoza Bassitova

Russian and Literature Teacher

Aida Ibragimova
Russian and Literature Teacher
English Language Department
William Myers
English Literature and Academic Writing Teacher
Olen King
English Language and Literature teacher
Nagima Yesserzhenova
Sustainability Lead/ Assistant Academic Vice Principal Secondary
Social Studies Department
Jangir Korzhumbayev
Entrepreneurship Course Teacher
Anastassiya Krotova
PBL teacher
Alfiya Badritdinova
PBL teacher
Aruzhan Akchanova
Entrepreneurship course teacher
Kamilla Alimkhanova
Entrepreneurship course teacher
Alikhan Kazenov
Debate Coach
Kazakh Language and History of Kazakhstan Departments
Akkamar Mambediyarova
Kazakhstan History Teacher
Serikgul Omarbekova
Kazakh Language and Literature Teacher
Zhasgul Akbergenova
Kazakh language and Literature teachert
Azamat Ospan
Kazakhstan History teacher
Zhadyra Zhursynkanova
Kazakh language and literature teacher
Math Department
Timur Gazizov
Math Teacher
Sagyndyk Amanzhol
Math teacher
Dauren Bolatbekov
Math teacher
Yerkebulan Saulet
Math teacher
Sergei Stepanenko
Junior Math teacher
Science Department
Vassiliy Kryuchkov
Physics Teacher
Lyudmila Kryuchkova
Physics Teacher
Larissa Klyshina
Biology Teacher
Galiya Asan
Chemistry Teacher
Meruyert Turtubayeva
Chemistry Teacher
Botagoz Rakhymzhanova
Chemistry and Biology teacher
Meiirli Sailauov
Biology teacher
Kamila Tiulindinova
Chemistry Lab Assistant
Beibars Kurbanov
Physics lab assistant
Izimgali Bolatbek
Junior biology teacher
Robotics and ICT Department
Roman Khoilo
Robotics and ICT Teacher
Adil Anashbayev
Robotics Teaching Assistant
Rustem Yermekov
Robotics Teacher
Music and Arts Department
Yuliya Solovskaya
Theatre and Drama Teacher
Nataliya Trofimova
Art Teacher
Assel Berdigulova
Ceramics Teacher
Urailya Duissebayeva
Dombra Teacher

Zhamilya Boldykova

Art and Pottery teacher
Ilyas Duisen
music expert
Zhiger Kulenov
Architecture and design teacher
Sports and Physical Education Department
Liliya Bazyaruk
PE Teacher
Igor Shalashov
PE Teacher
Sergey Ipatov
Swimming Coach
Yerzhan Mailybayev
Taekwondo Teacher
Sultan Molzhanov
PE Assistant
Well-Being Team
Dinara Issayeva
Karina Tursunova
Assistant Dean of Students Secondary
Vidadi Mirzayev
Career Guidance Counselor
Zhuldyz Smagulova
Events and Communications Coordinator
Evelina Aliyeva